DIRECT HOUSE is an innovative telecommunication company operating in Central Europe since 2009. We specialize in a comprehensive range of call center services. Among our clients you can find biggest brands within Czech and Slovak market. With 100 seats in Bratislava and 25 seats in Prague, DIRECT HOUSE belongs to midsize companies of this type. OUR GOAL is to deliver HI VALUE services to our customers according to their actual needs, thats why our employees are true pros loving their job. We use completely cloud based technology, able to implement it even in customers environment in case of such need, just within 48 hours. As we are in touch with high sensible data every day, we developed in cooperation with our clients our own Data safety management system. At the end, we have highly motivating work environment, giving our agents the best technology and the reasonable space comfort. 




We are young and dynamic bunch who loves their job! We have years of experience with combining marketing data insights, customer experience, technology, trends and avant-garde activity to solve business problems. If you are after advantage and quality, talk to us about how we could help to change your business.